4 Cs I Learnt Along The Way That Will Help You Get (and Keep) Your Dream job

Getting a job is not rocket science neither is it a walk in the park. However, it is not quite hard as it seems. If you can understand “How”, then getting your dream Job is quite easy.

Whether your job is to work in the creative industry, Educational institutions, medical establishment, Engineering companies, etc, you’ll find this article helpful to your career.

I want you to see getting a job from this light. Every job vacancy you see by a company shows a problem need that is to be solved and such problem can’t be solved except they hire someone that can help them solve it.

This means that your prospective employer must see you as someone that can help them some solve their problem(s) or fix whatever issues they are having in the company if they will hire you.

You must be qualified to solve their problem. An accounting vacancy shows that the company has issues related to Numbers and they need someone to fix it, a project management vacancy shows that they need a capable hand to manage their project and make it a reality, etc.

My point is that you must start seeing yourself as a problem solver that is needed to solve problems in a particular sector.

I am about to share with you the 4 Cs  I learnt along the way that will help you get a job and protect your job. Most people are ignorant of this and it is critically hurting them. Unfortunately, there is no justification for ignorance in life. Therefore, pay attention to what you are about to read.

1. CERTIFICATE: This is what will determine if you are qualified to apply for a job or not.

Your course of study determines if you qualify for a particular role or not.

An accounting job is most times given to someone who studied accounting in his/her higher institution of learning. Medical vacancies are for medical Graduates. This means your certificate matters.

Also,  your grade of certification matters. The university system uses  First class, Second Class Upper, Second Class Lower, Third class, pass to grade their graduates while the polytechnics use Distinction, UPPER Credit, Lower Credit, etc to grade their graduate.

The truth remains that to get some jobs, you must have a particular grade. Some employers see it as a proof of intelligence (though it isn’t always true).

Some jobs specify a minimum degree of qualification. You can’t qualify for some jobs except you have a minimum of Second Class  Lower Degree. First Class Students will surely qualify for jobs than other grades. That doesn’t mean every company employs first-class students because certificates are never enough.

So, here is my advice. If you’re still in the Higher Institution, work hard and finish well with an enviable grade that will make you qualify for a lot of roles.

However, if you are a Graduate, no cause for alarm. Employers look beyond certificates, if you have other things aside from your certificates, you will eventually get your dream job.

2. Résumé: Certificate is not enough,  you must be able to communicate and sell yourself to your prospective employer on why you should be hired before anyone else.


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Your Resume must answer the question Why should I hire you? even In your absence. One thing you have to know is that “It is one thing to have value, it is another thing to communicate your values effectively”.

Two individuals with the same grade from the same university might apply for the same role but the one that can sell himself or herself well enough will have access to the job interview.

In this age, you must not only have something to offer, but you must also be able to communicate to your prospective employer that you have something to offer them that will benefit them.

Most graduates don’t get jobs not because they have nothing to offer but because they lack basic skills to communicate what they have to offer.

And one of the ways to communicate your values is through your Curriculum Vitae (CV)  or RÉSUMÉ.

There are a lot of things that entails writing a résumé or Cv. When it comes to Résumé writing, there are certain Do’s and Don’t.

There are certain things you must include in your Résumé, there are things you should never include in your résumé, there are keywords you must include too that best communicate your capability and strength, there are things to do to beat a software used to screen CV called Applicants Tracking System (ATS).

However, your resume will not give you the job but will qualify you for job interviews. Most people assume that once you have a good résumé,  you automatically qualify for the job but that is not true. So what will give you the job?

3. COMPETENCE: Your competence is what will give you the job not your CV. How well you perform in job interviews will determine if you’ll be considered for employment or not.

Most people have the best CV but performed woefully in job interviews just because of lack of competence.

Your competence shows that you’re a sure bet for the company. You must be knowledgeable in your field for you to be granted the job.

I counsel you to always work on building your COMPETENCE in whatever field you want to specialize on. There are a lot of online platforms with courses that will help you build competence and upgrade your skills. Your skillsets matter when it comes to getting your dream job.

You can take online courses on Skillshare, Udemy, LinkedIn learning, Youtube, Google, etc

Also, read books on your area of expertise. This will help you develop mastery. In books are contents that will help your thought pattern and help you develop solutions to a lot of problems. Chose to be a reader. All highflyers are Readers.

Create time to study books that are helpful in your field. Cut down your TV time and time spent on social media or other things that are not important and invest them to Study. This will go along way in developing your Competence to get your desired job.

Take your personal development seriously and you’ll be grateful you did. Acquire certifications in your field if possible.

Other ways to develop competence are Volunteering, Mentorship, asking questions, attending seminars and conferences, etc.

4. CHARACTER: If you’ve not been paying attention to previous points, you have to do so at this junction.

This is because all other points depend on this. If you get others right and get this wrong, all your effort might not yield positive results.

Getting a job is quite easy, staying on a job requires extra effort. Most people think after getting their dream job, they have nothing else to do but to sleep.

You see, Character is everything. Your character has a lot to do with you climbing the corporate ladder.

Several people have been sacked despite going through stress to get the job just because of a lack of character. Some are stagnant in their jobs just because of a lack of quality character.

You can’t rise above the level of your character. While in the university, a lecturer lost his jobs just because of a lack of character. This lecturer wants sex in exchange for giving a lady good grades.

Fortunately, he was caught and that was the end of his lecturing career at my University. This is a job several people want but very few people get.

Unfortunately, his character hurts him. You see, your character can make or mar you. We’ve seen people lose their job for Lateness, poor work ethics, embezzlement, etc. All these are a product of lack of character.

It is your character that will help you stay in the job. Lack of character will make you lose your job. Your competence might get you a job but won’t help you stay there. What will help you is your character.

My counsel is that build your character. Identify your weakness by self-examination and do well to work on turning your weakness into strength. Of course, it won’t be easy but it is worth it.

Your resolution to make use of what you’ve read will go a long way in moving you from Zero to become a hero. It will move you from being a job seeker to getting your dream job.

Therefore, don’t just read through this article, take proactive steps to make use of it. By making use of it, you’ve set yourself on a journey of possibilities.

Author: Mike Akintayo
Mike Akintayo is a Personal Leadership Trainer, Content Marketing Consultant and a "KILLER" Copywriter. He loves to create success stories by helping client increase their visibility, influence and profitability He is the author of a Life Transforming book titled "How To Create Massive Result In Minimum Time". He can be reached on akintayomikky@gmail.com and 07086339059.

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