6 key Tips to Landing your Dream Job

As the world population grows at approximately 7.7billion annually, the available resources become highly competitive. As man strives to make ends meet, acquire education, secure a job, excelling at a business, the competition becomes intense, drastically. With only limited resources, and at the alarming rate of increase in population, only the fittest survive the race.

The Nigerian Labour market has also experienced an increase in population, as more persons join the unemployed on a daily basis. According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the Labour force population increased from 75.94 million in 2015 to 80.66 million in 2016 to 85.1 million in 2017 to 90.5million in 2018.

Meanwhile, the population of persons with a full time job increased from 51.1 million in 2017 to 51.3 million in 2018.

With the above data, it, therefore, becomes obvious that the rate of employability is significantly lower than expected. It also, therefore, becomes pertinent to master these 6 key things to land your dream job in Nigeria.

1. Believe in yourself: belief in oneself is an important tool of excellence at everything in life. Low self- esteem has affected the lives of many, making them believe that they are incapable. Regardless of age, academic level or background, employers value confidence and belief in oneself. If you lack trust and belief in yourself, who else would believe you anyway?

2. Be a Master of your art: while believing in yourself is important, it is equally essential to be good at what you do; After all, the belief is built upon this basis. Being a master at what you do gives you a wide range of opportunity to explore.

3. Internship: the best way to get first-hand information and to study better how your sector of interest works is to intern at a relevant industry. It also gives you the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience that would add to your résumé. If you’re lucky enough, your dedication as an intern may get you retained at your place of internship.

4. Know little about everything: it is undebatable that a person cannot know everything. It is, however, debatable that one can know little about everything. Therefore, to avoid such debate, it is better said as “know little about many things”. Read outside your course of study. Attend seminars outside your specialization. Explore other sectors. Diverse knowledge will give an edge above your peers and will greatly help in landing your dream job.

5. Volunteer: everybody at almost every time works for money. However, while you’re still a student, or while waiting for that dream job, volunteering could be a major mechanism through which you can accumulate experience, test your team spirit and learn human and resources management. It ranges from participating in volunteering in school functions, community projects, with NGOs, etc.

6. Attend Seminars and Conferences: A place where you could meet experts and potential employers without the cost of the stress of booking appointments is at conferences. Apart from getting a chance of learning from them, interaction is an additional package. Conferences also give you the opportunity of networking as it is believed that you’re there with like-minds.

Each of these practices will get you closer to your dream job as they individually prepare you for the big task ahead.

Author: Fadlullah Azeez
Fadlullah Azeez is a budding chemist, writer, journalist and a lover of photography. He enjoys traveling and admires old treasure, architectural design and luxury. He's present in the social media space(s) @fadlullahazeez.

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