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The firm’s 4,000 professionals help clients optimize their businesses, improve their operations and risk profile.

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Our capabilities and intellectual capital are enhanced by our deep industry expertise and hands-on, collaborative approach.


ConsultingWP’s thought leadership is evident in our agenda-setting books, white papers, research reports in the business press.

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Our professionals see what others don’t, challenge conventional thinking, and consistently deliver innovative solutions.

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Institute connects the firm with prominent leaders of the academic community for joint research on frontier issues.

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We work side by side with senior executives to accelerate execution through a blend of analytical and management approaches.

About OPAB

OPAB is an online platform that seeks to beam a light on the empowerment of young people. Here, we believe that information breeds knowledge, and knowledge, in turn, is power. We, therefore, saddle ourselves with the responsibility of seeking opportunities on behalf of youths, in particular, and those interested in breaking away from the shackles of misinformation or outright lack of information, in general.

It is our belief that the youth ought to assume a pride of place in every society and shouldn’t be far away from the neighborhood of success. While the rate of unemployment in many countries is alarming and an open secret, underemployment is also a commonplace condition. To this effect, we’ve come to conclusion that the protracted problems of unemployment, underemployment and poverty can be (fore)stalled through empowering the greatest number of people with the knowledge needed to navigate a world full of substantial opportunities.

Here at OPAB, we regularly disseminate information about, but not limited to: job openings, internships, scholarships, fellowships, competitions and so on. We hope to keep our loyal followers abreast of these opportunities as they emerge and are made available to the general public.

We’d be glad to have you join us on this life-impacting journey.

Our clients

We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting client relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Our clients include many of Africa’s best-performing and most admired companies, law firms, and industry organizations as well as Nigerian and international government agencies.

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  • To play a significant role in resolving the problems of unemployment, underemployment and poverty in Africa.
  • To keep graduates abreast of job-openings, internships and other life-changing opportunities available to them.
  • To make undergraduate studies and post-graduate studies a walk-through by providing information about educational opportunities such as essay competitions, scholarships, and so on.
  • To generally serve as a go-to resource for making life meaningful for young people.


  • To play a significant role in helping Africa achieve the United Nations Organizations’ Sustainable Development goals of no poverty, quality education and reduced inequalities.
  • To become among the various organizations that would be in driver’s seat of facilitating youth empowerment.
  • To become a world-class platform from which youths can derive top-notch information about opportunities readily available to them.
  • To serve as an in initiator of life-impacting programmes that would help serve as game-changers for youths around the continent.

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