Since the advent of social media and web 2.0, almost all sectors of our existence has taken a well-founded stanch in its growth. Web, software and App Developers, programmers, employers and potential investors now have a meeting point to deliberate, weigh-in on issues and bring people on board through social interaction and discourse. In recent times, employers now look out for social media skills of their potential staff and spend a handful of time studying the communication pattern and general influence on social media.

Extensively, social media skill is relatively new in this part of the world due to different usage of media space and how potent, verified and unverified news find their way easily into social media platforms without proper checks. According to world economic forum in 2018, some of the current skills of the last decades are declining which is giving rise to new skills that now requires personal development and growth to stay active and be in pole position to get opportunities for career growth.

Top companies in the world now employ social media strategists and managers to foster their online presence, politicians and business moguls are not left out of this trend which has increasingly grown to be a major source of earning for many and a process to train many others that are willing to learn and earn. Additionally, many opportunities flow through social media on a daily rotation and only a few users get hold of them due to the high-definition and scripted description of the different opportunities. But there are communication patterns and interaction process that must be taken into cognizance while using any of the top platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google services, etc.) so as to appear smart, employable and knowledgeable.

The first step to honing your skill is to be deliberate with whatever it is you are posting for people to see, it is imperative that to grow, one must be deliberate and willing to express concise thought that will trigger conversation. Once you are deliberate about it, you will learn other interaction processes like curating, planning and executing digital plans for yourself and for brands, building a professional bio on all platforms, communicating with people within and outside your industry and many other communication strategies. Remember to always post with your heart and respond with your mind, Big Brother is somewhere around watching you.

Author: Oyawale Olabode
Oyawale Olabode is a media practitioner/Music Curator with Cool/Wazobia/Info FM Port Harcourt during the day and a digital strategist, content developer, writer and social media curator at Night.

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