Entrepreneurship is filled up with a lot of stress ranging from physical to the psychological ones. Yet, one must step up his or her game to triumph in the entrepreneurial struggle. To escape being ruled or stock up entirely in 9-5 work being a servant of money, one must embrace entrepreneurship. Idea, they said rules the world, but I can emphatically tell you that without a fighting spirit like that of a true entrepreneur, the idea will die unfulfilled.

There is always this peace of mind that come when you know you are not running another man’s vision. It was Tony Blair that said “Entrepreneurship will become a core skill which all our young people will need to exploit the opportunities emerging from science and technology.” In entrepreneurship, your role is vital to all that happens. This is coupled with the fact that the mantra of going to school, get a good grade and graduate well, afterwards get a high paying job has faded out already. Having such mindset now is a direct application to mediocrity and poverty.

To be honest, being an entrepreneur is a smart decision and a thoughtful one. However, your health will to a large extent determine how far you will sail through the entrepreneurship race. Good health is so important and vital to all that human being does. It stands at the center of all that human being does. Not only you though, but you being an entrepreneur doubles your need for good health and vitality.  You want to ask me why right? Yea, you need people to buy your idea and also you need optimum health to face the various risks that entrepreneurship brings. To succeed at the highest level in one’s business and in life, you must give special attention and priority to your health.

It is worth noting also that health is not static, it is a continuum and as such, it must be properly worked upon to achieve a desired health goal. Health and happiness upshot when humans are in harmony with them, painful penalties are reaped when humans violate them. People do not just fall sick. There is absolutely a cause for every effect and every of the effects seen are as a result of violation of the health laws.  

 Listed below are few things one can do on a daily basis to adequately manage one’s health as an entrepreneur:

1. Get Sufficient Sleep and rest    
2.  Exercise.
3. Keep a healthy diet.

Get Sufficient Sleep
Most people, especially those into entrepreneurship, are inclined to delude themselves with the idea that they can drive themselves on to work or play, then “catch up on sleep” later on or none which is the worst of it. Apparently, nothing will take the place of regular sleep and rest in its recuperative therapeutic effects on the human body. It has been proven that a man can go much longer without access to food than such can go without sleep. As much as too much sleep is not a benefit rather, it leads to depression, sluggishness and a state of lethargy, but the time used for sleep is never a waste. Paying adequate attention to sleep and rest as an entrepreneur has a way it helps one live a longer and fuller life in the end.

As an entrepreneur, having sufficient hour of sleep is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy. Quality and sufficient sleep is highly helpful in improving the general wellbeing as well. The importance of adequate sleep goes way beyond just giving boost to your mood or banishing under-eye circles, it makes you feel better. It is a vital key to a healthy lifestyle, and can go a long way to benefit your weight, heart, mind and many more. Adequate sleep helps to improve the memory. In addition to that, sleep enhances consideration and focus. Sleep also help to maintain a healthy weight, and the great thing here is that your mind is surprisingly busy whenever you snooze. It might interest you to know that when you sleep, practice skills or memories you learned while you were still awake can be strengthened; a term referred to as “consolidation”. With the way nature has designed humans and structured sleep, one cannot jettison its importance. If you as an entrepreneur do not get enough sleep, it will appear as if you are living every day of your life like you are dead. It should interest you how drivers traveling on a long journey had to stop so as to allow the engine cool off a bit. If this is happening to keep the engine of a vehicle in proper shape, how much more humans? Several studies in recent times have shown that persistent deprivation of sleep is detrimental to the health. Some of the effects of sleep deprivation includes: weakened immune and body system (which prone people to all sorts of illnesses and injury), dawdling in decision making, inability to solve problems, a lesser memory capacity, and   an increased risk of obesity .What we are communicating here is clear : ensure you  get enough sleep and make sure it’s quality sleep too.

Regular Exercise
Just as we’ve emphasized the importance of sufficient sleep, taking part regular exercise should also be a top priority. With the advent of several technologies, most humans’ effort have been largely replaced by machine power leading to little or no energy expenditure. We cannot undermine the importance of exercise, it is medicine. Exercise helps in relieving people from diseases that progresses gradually, and other chronic health problems. It is not expensive and has no side effects. So, it is important for entrepreneurs to exercise so as to add more years to life and more life to years. Regular exercise releases endorphins and all sorts of other necessary and wonderful chemicals into your body that increase your levels of happiness and improve your ability to perform daily tasks. Exercise has also been proven over time to help one live a longer healthier life. Some of its importance include: 
1. Weight control.

2. It helps Combat health and disease conditions.

3. Regular exercise improves mood and.

4. It boosts energy and so on…

Keep a healthy diet

One of the most underrated and biggest factors that affects your coordination, thinking, focus, mood, productivity, and health is the food you consume. I will love to dwell more on this aspect because it actually encompasses the other points we’ve discussed earlier, that is, if one eat well, such person will sleep well. And if healthy diet is taken always, one will do less exercise compared to someone who consume junks and still live a sedentary lifestyle. There is an old adage which says “you are what you eat.” The truth is that everything you ingest affects the way your body function and how it performs either negatively or positively. When you eat healthfully, your body processes the nutrients and maximizes them for optimal health and energy. It becomes problem for one to think well, sleep well, love well, coordinate well, socialize well if such person has not dined well.
There is no better way to put it because good nutrition (good food) is the foundation of any lifestyle that is healthy, and your productivity level is affected by the food you eat in more ways that surpass your imagination. Research has revealed that workers who consume unhealthy diets stands a higher level of decrease work output when compared to those who feed on good diets. Poor nutrition that comes often in form of empty calories doesn’t give your body the energy that you need.  Overall well-being as well as productivity suffer as a result of unhealthy diets. To elaborate, here are a few benefits of maintaining a healthy diet.

1. Healthy diets keeps you mentally and physically active. The necessary nutrients that are present in your food are essential to carry out your body’s metabolic process which without them can cause your physical health can decline.

2. Healthy diets also play an important role in improving the mental health. Carbohydrates and fats when properly consumed helps in improving mental functions and enhance sharp thinking, thereby enabling you as an entrepreneur to think of better ways to handle work challenges. However, it is important to distinguish between fatty foods and carbohydrates that are inimical to your health.

3. Healthy diets fuels your performance. Just as your vehicle needs a consistent supply of fuel to run smoothly and efficiently, your body also requires fuel in the form of food to perform optimally. Humans are likened to machine, an organic one whose operational ways consist of distinct functions and several other processes that are complex. And the right amount of good food gives you the energy you need to perform to the best of your abilities. (Striking a balance between energy intake and energy expenditure).

4. Healthy diets helps you lead a well-balanced life. When you eat a good meal, it has a way of affecting your sleeping pattern positively, thereby allowing you to come up with more creative and effective ideas while you are awake. And of course, having healthy food habits can keep you physically fit, which in turn sustains and develops your mental well-being.     
Poor dietary habits can lead to:

Reduction in mental effectiveness


Increased stress level


Reduced energy levels

Reduction in thinking ability

Decrease one’s ability to effectively and effectively perform his or her duty.

Apart from sedentary lifestyle, another cause of obesity for most people is unhealthy diets. Meanwhile, obesity is viewed as the mother of all diseases. It gives room for other opportunistic diseases, and note that, the larger your waist line, the shorter your lifespan.

Summarily, as an entrepreneur, ensure you sleep well, eat good food, and do exercise regularly and build a positive mental attitude. With all these, you will surely do well in your entrepreneurship journey.

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