Having the early hours of your life sitting down or standing to direct the affairs of a process or product can be overwhelming and tasking at the same time. Having 9-5 hours of your day at work will have a big effect on your life and how you relate with people due to the over demanding nature of the tasks ahead (depending on your industry), but one thing is common, the presence of stress and natural exhaustion. Stress is a present phenomenon in all work, and how well you manage stress will go a long way in your output and productivity level. Sometimes, the tasks just drop without prior notice and end up being a must-do task that can’t be assigned to your co-workers. But how can you cope with stress at work?

1. Don’t skip breakfast

This might sound really ordinary, but dieticians believe our body uses a whole lot of energy stores for growth and repair through the night, so eating a well-balanced breakfast is the first step to up the energy level as well as provide refreshed protein and calcium used throughout the night. Living in Lagos or other busy cities can be tasking thereby making breakfast a myth for many, but having that breakfast will offer you the opportunity to have a refined strength to move around.

2. Think about the part of your job that stress you the most

One of the steps at helping yourself get through any stress is knowing which part of the job stress you the most. Finding out the part of the job that stresses you will offer you the opportunity to know when it is coming and how to prepare for it. You will have a rare break to find additional strength to tackle it. A good day without critical thinking and creative problem-solving activities is not a good day. Think less of the problem and dwell more on the solution. For me, Fridays are always long and stressful for me, but I have devised a way to make it more interesting. What I do most of the time is start little and grow into the task, I have done this for quite a number of time and it really worked. So if you are always having a stress filled day, take time to study the part of the job that stresses you and find a way to do it in a more stress-free way.

3. Smile more even if everything is not fine

The power of a great smile cannot be overemphasized, but sometimes our day might not go as planned and bring about a strong face with all the burden of the world resting on it, calm down, wear a bright smile and snap out of it. There is a big charm behind a face full of life, it gives assurance that even with all the shenanigans happening around you, there is still a bottle full of hope waiting for you to open it up and get beyond any situation. To wear that great smile, tell yourself “it is not bad, it is not hard, it is easy and I will get it”

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4. Rest

This is one of the most integral parts of getting ahead of any stressful task at work. Quality rest increases the level of our productivity and give us the opportunity to be refreshed always. At least, get 8 hours of sleep every night and don’t give room to any disturbance. Part of resting is going for regular checkups, exercising the body, mind, and soul, taking care of our mental wellbeing which is the engine room of our expressive life both on and off work. Know when to speed up, know when to take that break, let there be a synergy and balance between the work life and rest life.

5. Don’t be shy to ask for help

It is okay to be jammed, it isn’t really bad to get confused and puzzled about a particular task, no man is an island of knowledge and knowledge is always on the road always evolving and looking at folks that are ready to hop in and gain more. So when next that task is giving you the time of your life, seek for help from people that matters, tell them of how much effort you have put into it and how it has turned out, explain and don’t seek for pity, seek for conviction that will place you at the mercy of whoever wants to help you fix that particular problem or task. Don’t forget that seeking help must be after you have exhausted all your energy and intuition on the tasks and don’t make it an everyday thing.

6. Love your Job

There is a special satisfaction we get from doing what we love. Although, we might be faced with options outside our strength due to the limited opportunities outside the confines of our first love. To enjoy any task, you must fall in love with the job, it must be intrinsically motivated and not motivated by rewards or any extrinsic factor. When you love what you do, you will find strength in doing any task and increase your personal productivity level and save a lot of time fixing and re-fixing certain things. Finally, listen to music, read a lot of books and watch movies. Go out with your friends and be young again.

Author: Oyawale Olabode
Oyawale Olabode is a media practitioner/Music Curator with Cool/Wazobia/Info FM Port Harcourt during the day and a digital strategist, content developer, writer and social media curator at Night.

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