LinkedIn is one of the leading business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps, the smart medium was founded in 2002 and boast of over 500 million users worldwide with a whopping 20 million jobs splashed across all industry irrespective of race, sex or location. The opportunities you’ll get from LinkedIn is limitless, not when organizations go through your profile which serves as your online resume.

However, having a LinkedIn profile is not enough, there are some keywords that must be seen on your online resume that will show you as someone with a handful of skills, experience and knowledge on certain job requirement. It goes beyond looking professional on your profile or lumping your past experience to take a large trunk of space on your profile. With just 2000 characters which can be broken into 300-350 words, you can have a career/personal summary.

It’s also important to know the type of pictures you use as your cover photo, some employers find a special joy in how you look and sometimes, it helps. But the most important part of your LinkedIn profile is having a summary that will sell you out to your potential employers and clients. You should be able to sell value and earn trust in return, is it simple? No, but it’s worth it and very important. Your headline should talk about what you are doing currently, you can modify it to suit your preference and the description of what you are into, but again, don’t overdo it and appear like a perfectionist, you must appear faultless an open to new knowledge.

The first step, tell an appealing story about yourself and what you can do, what you’ve done in time past and what you are willing to do. Don’t be cliché with it, be straight with everything and come from a different angle. I know you want to appear professional and be concise, but the creativity of crafting a niche for your profile will stand you out from the rest. You don’t need the bespoke premium words knitted in suit and tie, you don’t have to go overboard and forget the reason why you’re here. Just make it simple and aesthetic, five paragraphs or less is enough.

Secondly, use your experience to your advantage. Don’t be shy to put that success out there, it won’t intimidate other profiles, it will only move you to the section where people of your kinds are. There are basic LinkedIn SEO keywords that will push a couple of button in your favor. Add experience from the biggest tasks and accomplishment and include a reference such as links to the company profile, your supervisor etc.

Thirdly, get your recommendations right. This part is somehow not taken serious, but getting a recommendation from your past clients makes you trustworthy and efficient. Tell people to recommend you and recommend people that have worked for/with you in the past, boost people chances by giving them a sincere recommendation on certain skills, it won’t kill you I promise.

Fourth on my list, be proud of your past successes and show them off. All the awards and certifications, the programs you have successfully anchored and all other side attraction that got you one or two mentions, it is for the winning, trust me, it will show you as a serial achiever and not a pushover.

Lastly, have that customized URL, don’t assume people will bump into you on LinkedIn, you can have the custom URL on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc. Don’t forget to constantly update your skills to what your industry demands, good luck to you on that journey.

Author: Oyawale Olabode
Oyawale Olabode is a media practitioner/Music Curator with Cool/Wazobia/Info FM Port Harcourt during the day and a digital strategist, content developer, writer and social media curator at Night.

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