Our Services

Human resources

We help in the recruitment and management of company staff in order to guarantee quality and maximise employee performance.

Business  consultancy

We assist in business planning, strategizing and problem-solving. We also help clients develop business skills and knowledge, from designing a business model, marketing plan to understanding the application of the marketing techniques.

Business development

We help to identify and pursue strategic opportunities to further grow clients’ business.

CV and Cover letter drafting

We draft top-notch resumes and cover letters. We not only assure you of brilliant contents but beautiful templates, which shall leave your applications with no choice but to stand out among the pile.

Internship placement

We assist undergraduates and fresh graduates to gain work experience by placing them in choice companies and organisations. Likewise, we provide companies and other organisations with brilliant and resourceful interns.

Seminar and conference application

We perfect your applications for events such as seminars, conferences, workshops, boot camps and so on. With our experience and knowledge of what the organisers are looking for, we guide upon the path to successful applications and protect clients from rejection letters.

Emotional intelligence and Leadership development

We help to instil the capacity to control emotion and judiciously handle interpersonal relationships, the ability to use emotional behaviour to guide thinking and behaviour and to adapt emotions to external factors. We also expand the client’s capacity to perform in leadership roles within organisations, execute company strategies and enhance the performance of others.

Career advice

We give expert advice on how best to build a career, choices to make and mistakes to avoid. Work is a crucial aspect of every individual’s life. It is our job to make sure it brings not only joy but financial satisfaction.

Interview coaching

We groom potential interviewees for great performances during interviews that they may easily land coveted jobs. We not only disclose likely questions and how best to answer, all other details such as dressing and etiquettes are taken care of.