Yes, there is a vacancy and the pay is handsome. Applicants have been asked to submit their CV and cover letter and you can’t wait to do so. It is not the case that you are on the wrong path, you only need to put into cognizance a number of factors if you truly need that job, if you do not want your efforts wasted and hope dashed. Three of these factors are identified and discussed in this article.

  1. Eligibility: Have you also been told the tale of an applicant who, though not eligible, got a job at a company because (s)he impressed the interviewers? Trust me, it is a prank, an expensive joke! You won’t even be invited for an interview if you do not meet the requirements for a job let alone get employed. So, before applying for a job, check its eligibility criteria. If they are in your favor, congratulations. If otherwise, don’t give up but do not apply. Why? You are simply not eligible!
  2. Competence: Can you live up to the expectation of the job? Can you deliver to the taste of your employer? Do you possess the requisite skills for taking the job? If your answer to these questions is NO, you aren’t doing yourself any good if you apply for the job, especially if you are not likely to be ‘ready’ on or before the resumption day. You should rather strive to become a better version of yourself ahead of next openings. Even if your ‘papers’ get you the job, sheer incompetence will flush you out within a twinkle of an eye. And what next? Your reputation gets stained. Always remember that your company needs your skills, not your certificates.
  3. Passion: One finds it tedious to execute a task one is not passionate about. This is probably why an epigram says ‘Do what you love and you are passionate about, and you will never work in any day of your life.’ If you find a job too boring to cope with, it is better not to apply for it than getting fired for dereliction of duty eventually. However, if you can manage the boredom or you can develop an interest in the job, don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

Author: Ganiyu Saheed
Ganiyu Saheed Isola is a writer and an editor. He volunteers at United Nation's Online Volunteering as a writer and an editor.

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