USA Trade Fair 2019: Multi-sectoral business engagement with U.S. new-to-market U.S. companies

The USA Trade Fair 2019 is a multi-sectoral event which presents new-to-market and existing U.S. companies with an opportunity to explore opportunities and potentials within the Nigerian market.

It provides an avenue for U.S. firms to meet with stakeholders within the Nigerian business community with the aim of fostering long-term relationships through immediate sales, signing of representative/dealership/distributorship agreements, increasing visibility, and achieving their export objectives. U.S. firms operating within all sectors of the U.S. and Nigerian economy will be attendance.

The event will feature 2 days of exhibitions, company promotions/product launches by the visiting U.S. firms, seminars on doing business with U.S. companies, and available U.S. government resources to help facilitate cross-border trade. These hold from May 21st – 22nd.

On May 23rd selected Nigerian businesses will engage in Business-to-Business meetings with the US companies to discuss several platforms of engagement and partnership. The B2B segment is strictly by invitation and is not open to the general public.

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